Monday, August 30, 2010

Bidwell Bump 2010

The "Bidwell Bump" will be held on Saturday, September 18th in Upper Bidwell Park located in Chico, CA.  The event offers a four class Cross Country ("XC") race and a Super Downhill (Super D) event for Pro and Expert riders.

The race entry fee is $20 per race ($30 if you wish to enter both the XC and Super D events).  Because of the race location, we do not have the telecommunication services to support credit/debit card transactions.
Given the The Bidwell Bump™ is not currently a USA Cycling Race, no license is needed to enter and compete in the event.

Cross Country (XC) Race start is at 8:00am in Parking Lot B.  Participants are asked to use available parking lots in and around the race start area and over in 5 Mile recreation area. The XC event is broken out into four classes; Expert, Pro, Sport, and Beginner.  There will be a group start for each class.

The Super D (SD) Race is for Expert and Professional riders only.  The race start is located at "Green Gate" off of Hwy 32.  The race begins at 2:00PM with riders starting in 1 minute intervals.

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