Monday, August 30, 2010

Bidwell Bump 2010

The "Bidwell Bump" will be held on Saturday, September 18th in Upper Bidwell Park located in Chico, CA.  The event offers a four class Cross Country ("XC") race and a Super Downhill (Super D) event for Pro and Expert riders.

The race entry fee is $20 per race ($30 if you wish to enter both the XC and Super D events).  Because of the race location, we do not have the telecommunication services to support credit/debit card transactions.
Given the The Bidwell Bump™ is not currently a USA Cycling Race, no license is needed to enter and compete in the event.

Cross Country (XC) Race start is at 8:00am in Parking Lot B.  Participants are asked to use available parking lots in and around the race start area and over in 5 Mile recreation area. The XC event is broken out into four classes; Expert, Pro, Sport, and Beginner.  There will be a group start for each class.

The Super D (SD) Race is for Expert and Professional riders only.  The race start is located at "Green Gate" off of Hwy 32.  The race begins at 2:00PM with riders starting in 1 minute intervals.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chico State Is Hosting the "Bidwell Bump" Sept 27-28, 2009

Chico State is finally hosting a race! There will be 4 events:XC, SD, ST, and or course DH! They will be held at two venues for optimum riding!  The XC race will be in Bidwell Park and so will the Super D! And the DH and Short track(Collegiate Only) will be held in Oroville  (a neighboring town) 30 minutes south of Chico.

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